Try Googling this phrase. I'm certain you would never guess what result you'd get. It's paint thats actually called "pantone red"! It's the red that's associated with pretty much the entire history of this German brand. But let's start at the beginning!


Imagine a situation. It's 2001, 10 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Berlin, where you've been living for a year now, is still a rather boring place in terms of culture magazines. At that time, a young journalist who has moved to the German capital from New York and wants to change the unpleasant situation in Germany arrives on the scene. His name is Joerg Koch. 


This is where the story of 032c begins. Founded in 2001, the magazine's first issues were distinguished by two important things: the aforementioned "pantone red" color, which practically completely made up the cover of the first three issues, and the topics that formed the main focus of the magazine (art, fashion and politics). 

When something is of great quality, it becomes well known over time. This is exactly what happened with 032c. The new creative director, Mike Meiré, who joined the magazine in 2007, helped massively. He pressed the imaginary gas pedal to the floor and the magazine started gaining new fans. He also came up with new features. The pages are covered with more and more interesting articles (the history of Comme de Garsons or Raf Simons), readers get many interesting bonuses (such as an ironed-on cover featuring Bella Hadid) and photo shoots with A-list photographers like Mario Sorrenti, Inez and Vinoodh. What's still missing to perfection? Well of course, the apparel!

The couple started working on it in 2015 and, like the magazine, it has seen quite a lot of hype. The brand collaborated on many products with greats like Stüssy, Alyx and Gosha. Much of the success was shouldered by Joerg Koch's wife, Maria. She had already worked as a consultant for Jil Sander and Yeezy in the earlier part of her career, so the experience was definitely there. Clothing and accessories can therefore be found in large numbers at many retail stores all around the world.


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