About us

We love limited since 2015


You've probably heard of us. We started out on social media selling a few pairs of regular sneakers. As time went on, the number of sneakers and its limitedness grew and our first apparel offerings appeared. Then in 2017 came the first e-shop. And a year later the first brick-and-mortar resell store in Moravia in The Czech republic.

Thanks to our neighbours from Footcare, we opened our first store on 7 September 2018 in Koliště in Brno in The Czech republic, the size of which is more like a showroom. On that occasion we also organized our first party.

As the popularity of limited sneakers grew, so did our offer. Suddenly there was no place to store the ever-increasing number of goods.

Even though Koliště had its charm, we started looking for new premises, this time closer to the centre. At the end of August 2019, after long preparations, we moved to a shop in Josefská Street in the centre of Brno.

Even that was too small for us after a while, so we decided to take the opportunity to move to the heart of Brno. In August 2020 we opened our current store on Svobody Square in Brno.

We stand by the fact that we put something of ourselves into every space. We are not tired of stores equipped with mainstream hangers and shelves that you buy in a regular hobbymarket. That's boring. We do everything ourselves, even if it's a bit punk at times.

Come and see for yourself, we are here for you at Svobodak square from Monday to Saturday!





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