adidas Ultraboost

adidas Ultraboost. The embodiment of comfort! It's 2015 and the situation in the sneaker world is quite uncertain. The market may be completely dominated by the American shoe company Nike, but a spark of a trend is missing. That is when German company adidas comes with the adidas Ultra Boost. The sneaker brings an exclusive new technology called "Boost"(first appeared two years before on the adidas Energy Boost) that brings immense comfort not only for runners (the primary purpose of the shoe) but also for everyday lifestyle.


It didn't take long for Kanye West, freshly signed to adidas, to experience this fact first-hand. In May 2015, he performed in the adidas Ultra Boost White, and the photo from the stage became iconic. The hype didn't take long to build, and both the adidas Ultra Boost Triple Black and adidas Boost White disappeared from store shelves. Ultra Boosts just became a hot commodity!

Many collaborations added to the popularity of the adidas Ultra Boost, like the ones with Engineered Garments, KITH or skate legend Mark Gonzales.

In their relatively short existence, the Ultra Boosts have become a sneaker that has changed, perhaps completely turned, the direction of sneaker development. We offer the adidas Ultra Boost White, adidas Ultra Boost 4.0, and adidas Ultra Boost 20. 

Guaranteed comfort both while running or walking. Don't hesitate!





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