Air Force 1 Shadow

Guess what it is - it joins you out in the sun and you can't get rid of it. Also, it gets along very well with a silhouette named after the US presidential private plane. 


We're not going to tease you any more. It is, of course, the Air Force 1 Shadow. As the name suggests, the shadow that is created behind every solid body when the sun's rays hit was the inspiration behind this sneaker! The look totally matches it. The sneaker features two versions of all the major design elements of this famous silhouette, the normal and the "shadow" one. The sneaker therefore offers a rather interesting impression, compared to the classic Air Force 1. Everything is mirrored, the choice of colors is more interesting, the materials are great. In short, what more could you ask for! In addition, the ladies will definitely appreciate the platform. 

Although the release of these sneakers was originally for women only, many versions would not be disregarded by men either. We offer them in many colorways. We recommend the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Pastel, the Air Force 1 Shadow White, or the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Sail. Everyone will find the perfect pair.





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