Air Max 95

One of the classic models in the Air Max product line from American manufacturer Nike. Today it has an unshakable place on the shelves of almost every sneaker store. But it wasn't always the case.


In the 1990s, the desire for basketball sneakers fundamentally prevailed and running silhouettes had a small place on the market. However, designer Sergio Lugano tried to turn the attention towards running shoes with his Nike Air Max 95 silhouette. And with great success. 

The design, based on the structure of the human body, was groundbreaking. The different layers on the upper material present the muscles, the sole represents the spine and the eyelets on the laces are ribs. It is the construction of the sneaker that ensures that it will look good even after long-time wear, and will resist even the worst weather. Another distinctive feature is the near absence of the swoosh, at least in the form we know it from on other Nike shoes. The manufacturer's branding is not all over the side of the shoe, it only takes up a small space on the heel, underlining the sneaker's unique texture. 

Thanks to its uniqueness, the sneaker quickly made its way into the hip-hop subculture, worn by huge names like The Game or Jay-Z, and it gradually became a streetwear icon. At one time, they were even worn by West Coast gangs, specifically the Bloods (the Crips identified themselves by the Nike Air Max 98), just as The Game raps in his song "Hate It Or Love It". However, the popularity didn't stop in the US, as the silhouette made a big impact on the European rap game as well, with drill and grime artists from the UK and Germany getting massively into the silhouette. 

The multitude of colourways also played a large role. The Nike Air Max 95 White or Nike Air Max 95 Black are a staple piece, due to the construction of the shoe, while the Nike Air Max 95 Camouflage or Nike Air Max 95 Premium literally shine, thus becoming the essential piece of any outfit. For classic lovers, it's also worth mentioning the Nike Air Max 95 OG, which brings original color combinations of this iconic shoe (for example, Nike Air Max OG "Neon", Nike Air Max OG "Burgundy").

The sneaker also features a number of collaborations, such as the Nike Air Max 95 Comme des Garcons or the collaboration with Japanese atmos.





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