The guy who got lucky with his last name. Shawn Stüssy!
The founder of Stüssy was born in 1954 in California, where he spent most of his life. It was the surfing environment of the southern part of the third largest state in the USA that influenced him so much in his life that during the 80's he decided to start his own brand. And what better way to brand Shawn's surfboards than with his last name.


At first, it was proudly displayed only on the boards he sold. But it wasn't long before the brand expanded into clothing. It began selling pieces of clothing that were very much connected to surfing - namely swimwear (swim shorts) and t-shirts. However, the pieces originally just used to promote surfing, soon went over the creators' heads. Sweatshirts, pants, jackets... Stüssy was on its way to a brighter tomorrow.

New music genres like punk and rap literally took the brand by storm, and it earned its unshakable place in the increasingly popular world of skateboarding. It was thanks to these new genres and subcultures, which were on a huge rise during the 80's, and were simply "cool", that the brand came to the attention of many people, artists and other creatives.

From artists, creatives and other like-minded people, the brand drew a huge amount of inspiration. So they decided to form a group called the "Stüssy International tribe", which united artists from Los Angeles to London to Tokyo, and made Stüssy known to the world.

The brand has held its popularity for decades and that doesn't seem to be changing. In fact, its strategy is simple - affordable, quality, good-looking clothes with a story. What more could you ask for?

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