We focus on premium resell of limited sneakers and streetwear. We aren‘t a typical retail store which means we don‘t receive collections directly from the manufacturers. We try our best to get limited products by ourselves.

Yes, every single piece is original .

Every product is carefully examined upon arrival at our warehouse by our team of experts to prevent the selling of counterfeit (fakes). After inspection of the goods, each product is marked with a Verified Tag, which guarantees its originality. We are happy to send product photos if you wish to examine the product yourself.

It’s a way how we guarantee originality and unworn condition of ordered sneakers to the customer. The Verified Tag itself is a black verification tag that is found on the right shoe of the pair. Each sneaker marked by this tag has been thoroughly inspected by our team of experts upon receipt at the warehouse.

The Verified Tag also speeds up the process of inspecting returned orders for us. Returns without SNEAKERGALLERY Verified Tags are not possible. You can read full term and conditions here.

We get new stuff every day, we upload new products to our website daily but we also often add older releases to the website. If your desired size isn’t available online, we recommend you set up an online watchdog. You can find this function at every product’s web page in the lower right. Just pick the size you want and fill out your e-mail which we will use to contact you once the product is made available.

It is a way of Nike and Air Jordan to mark their size runs.

  • GS (Grade School) marks kid’s shoes. These run from EU 35.5 up to EU 40.
  • W (Women) marks women’s shoes. The construction of (W) sneakers is pretty much the same as the design of men’s sneakers, the only difference is in the upper. A (W) sneaker often comes with a slightly narrower upper for the sneakers to fit better on smaller feet. Women’s sneakers mostly run from EU 35.5 up to EU 44.5.

If you still aren’t sure what shoe or shoe size to pick, you can always check the sizing that’s available on the product’s web page.

Of course, it's really just a matter of your personal style and if you like the actual shoe.

Nike usually produces sneakers in either men’s (size EU 40 and larger) and kid’s (size EU 35.5 to EU 40) sizing or in women’s sizing (EU 35.5 to EU 44.5). Plus, most of the sneakers are made in unisex colorways and that makes the (W) marking only a small reason for a man not to pick the shoe. Just make sure you pick your size.

If you still aren’t sure what shoe size to choose, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the right size.  


We are happy to help with choosing the perfect size for your dream sneakers. You can either visit our store in Brno, Czech Republic where you can try some sizes out or you can contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu

Some of our sneakers are so limited that we are only able to get them in limited numbers. The second reason is that due to some of the sneakers being so limited, we were only able to stock them once, as the sneakers are now almost impossible to get.

On our website we offer limited sneakers and their price is very dependent on how rare the sneakers are. Our prices also reflect the current prices on the secondary market and shoes that released in limited numbers or shoes that are very sought after are therefore more expensive.

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is a fairly narrow shoe and we recommend our customers to purchase at least half-a-size larger than what they normally wear. Of course, every foot is a little different and every sneaker fits a little differently. You can always contact us via our socials and, based on the sneakers you already know or wear, we can help you find the perfect fit.


Yes, you can visit our store in Brno, Czech Republic and check out some sneakers there.

Our store is located in Brno, Czech Republic on náměstí Svobody 92/21. To be more specific, it is in the passage of Komerční Banka bank.

Sadly, not. The store does have a great selection of the best pieces we have to offer, however, the rest of the product is in our e-shop depot. If you’re interested in a specific product you can always make a non-binding order and we will deliver your order to the store for you to try on.

Personal pick-up can be selected in the second step of placing the order. You can order multiple pairs for pick-up, try them on in the store and you can then purchase as many pieces from your order as you wish. The order is non-binding.

We will keep the order in the store for three work days from the moment you receive an e-mail confirming the order’s arrival at the store. If you wish to prolong this time you can let us know in the order’s note or contact us via our socials or e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu.

Yes, you can definitely pay with our voucher in-store, just have it with you.


If you want to change anything in your delivery or payment, please contact us via our socials or email info@sneakergallery.eu. Changes can only be made before we hand the order over for transit. Once the order is in transit we can’t make any changes.

To cancel your order, please contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu. Please add your order number so that we can cancel the order. If your order is already in transit we aren’t able to cancel it but you can simply refuse to pick the order up and the package will be returned to us.

Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes even we aren’t an exception. If you do receive a different piece, please contact us as soon as possible via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu and we will handle the matter quickly.

You can only place an order on our website.

Try waiting a while, we still receive the order despite the payment getting declined. Once the declined payment pops up in our system, we will automatically send an e-mail with a link for you to retry the payment.

If you wish to change your payment choice, please contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu or via our socials. 


All of our orders are sent double-boxed. This means that the sneaker box is packed into a larger carton box to prevent any potential damages during transport. We apply this procedure on clothing as well, as we send clothes in a carton box too.

We ship orders to every country in the European Union and we work with a different company in every country. Here is a complete guide for European delivery.

Delivery time depends on the destination and courier choice but we try our best to ship all orders on the next work day after receiving them. Every order is shipped from the Czech Republic and the delivery time depends on the courier company.

Once your order is shipped you will receive an e-mail with the order’s tracking number.

The tracking number may change once your order reaches the destined country, however, the courier should inform you about any changes. If your order gets a major delay, please contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu or on our socials.

We ship orders to every country in the European Union.

Every order is shipped from the Czech Republic and, as the destination is another EU country, you aren’t obliged to pay customs.

On our website we offer payment by card, by wire transfer or payment on delivery. In our store in Brno, CZE we accept card and cash payments (in Czech crowns).

Sadly, we aren’t able to speed up the delivery time, as the couriers have their specific routes for delivering orders. If you wish to know a more specific delivery time, please use the contact from the e-mail you received from the courier company.



If there is any defect, either coming from manufacturer or from a wrong use of materials, you can issue a complaint. 

Here are detailed instructions for filling a complaint.

Most of our product comes from the second hand. This means that the product doesn’t come directly from the manufacturer but rather from the lucky person that got his/her hands on the limited sneakers or clothes. However, no need to worry, everything we offer is brand new and completely un-worn.

Goods purchased from the second hand are under a 12-month warranty period, according to the Czech law (see Terms and Conditions). Of course, if you purchased something that didn’t come from the second hand, you have the classic 24-month warranty.

You can only issue a complaint on manufacturing defects. Sadly, we can’t accept a complaint that comes after wrong treatment or wear and tear. 

We will issue a refund for a return or accepted complaint in 14 days, according to the Czech law.

You can return purchased goods in 14 days from the day of purchase, according to the law. Please don’t forget that everything has to be un-worn. You can definitely try the shoes/clothes on, however, there must be no signs of wear.

Here are detailed instructions for returns.

We don’t offer product exchange. If your size didn’t fit, you have to return the product and then order another size.  

Here are detailed instructions for returns. 

Once we receive your return and check the product we will issue a refund. We will inform you about everything via e-mail.


The easiest way is contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu. Please send us your offer in a format Produkt/Size/Price and will send you more information.

No, we will only purchase un-worn products with no signs of defects.

Sadly, we do not offer this option. Please contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu and we will send you more information.

We will, of course, send you a purchase contract via e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu. Please don’t forget to fill out your account number so that we can issue the payment.

Once the goods arrive at our warehouse, we will check the product and issue the payment. The payment should arrive in 10 days.



Yes. If you’re interested, please contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu for more information.

  • we only establish cooperation with people who have at least 50 pairs to offer

  • all pairs must be stored in our warehouse

  • the commission fee is 15% of the selling price

  • commission payment is issued after 14 days, once the 14-day return period expires


Yes. You can purchase a gift voucher via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu or directly at our Brno store.

Sadly, we do not offer a legit check for products that hasn’t been purchased on our website or store.

Yes, that isn’t a problem, just contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.cz. Don’t forget that we, as a company, work in a special VAT regime and therefore we are not able to sell most of our products without VAT (B2B 0% VAT sales). Nevertheless we can add your company details to the invoice.

Don't worry, product prices are already final, nothing will be added to it.



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If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us via our e-mail info@sneakergallery.eu or via Instragram.

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