Verified Tags


We’ve all been there. Getting super excited for shoes, buying them from a Facebook group and putting them straight to feet after unboxing. But have you ever thought of checking whether the shoes are actually authentic? Reality caught up to you after a couple weeks of wearing. The shoes were fake! And that basically means pouring money down the drain while never wearing the sneakers again.

The most important sales article, the one that helped us establish and keep a firm position on the market for seven years, is your trust.

And being trusted means being 100% authentic no matter what. However, authenticity is often hard to maintain which is what we’ve got our system for legit-checking sneakers for. It always helps us spot the fake pair beforehand.


We only trade with legitimate sellers that are able to prove authenticity of the goods by a receipt or a similar document.


Every single pair goes through the hands of an expert. We check the box, the size of the labeling sticker, the tags inside of the sneakers, materials, stitching and wrapping paper. All of that twice!

We are fully aware of the certainty you need before wearing the sneakers for the first time. That is why we have introduced a system that will provide it to you.


We introduce our own SNEAKERGALLERY VERIFIED TAGS. The tag is an assurance that the pair has been thoroughly checked and you can bring them out more than happily. And this also benefits us. Returning sneakers is now much easier and faster, as we can just check the verified tag after receiving a return. Returning goods without the SNEAKERGALLERY VERIFIED TAGS will not be made possible. This is to be stated in our new Terms and Conditions. You can access the update Terms and Conditions here

While others might not pay close attention to legit-checking, we are doing the exact opposite through trying to offer maximum comfort while en purchasing.  

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